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May 09, 2007


Sherri Paysour

How many times are we pushed to compromise our faith/principles during the course of the day?
More times than I can count. It takes constant prayer with our heavenly Father to become resilant like Shadrack, Meshach, and Abed-nego, one has to take a stand knowing and believing that regardless of societal pressures and other strongholds that surface, God will provide that blessed assurance in the midst of every trial and tribulation. Thank God for his mercy and saving grace because without it...we are like a ship that is tossed and driven.
But, if you don't give in and give up continually standing on the promises of God like the Hebrew boys did, you will come out like pure gold. I've read and heard the message many times; however, I received it on another level after reviewing the notes, and because of that, I'm going to make application with the timely message. God delivers on time.

Thanks for providing Monday After The Sermon, it really helps with reflection and application.

Sandy Waters

What I wanted to say was that I am often amazed at how much faith we put into each other, but when it comes to God, we don’t put half as much faith in him as we do one another.

I have to ask myself the question WHY????

Is it the fear that He might just be all that He said He is and we still feel unworthy. Is it that we think that we don’t deserve anything good because of the things that we have done, and we can’t forgive ourselves, so how can anyone else forgive us.

You’ve read it over and over again, and you’ve heard the elders tell you all about this awesome amazing Man, but can it really be true?

Can He still want someone like me in Heaven with Him?

I know that it is true, but it still overwhelms me that someone could love me that much, and all I have to do is TRUST HIM AND BELIEVE THAT NO MATTER WHAT HE IS GOD AND HE IS IN CONTROL. He is FAITHFUL, even when we are not, and that’s the part that makes my heart sings.

Thanks for how you continue to bring us the word.

Sandy Waters

Tommie L. Babbs, Sr.

Wow I like what Sandy waters said. We often times put man demands over God's demands. God tell us to come to church ( assemble yourselves together) and we miss church or come when we feel like it. However man tells us to come to work and we are there evryday...on time.

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